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Katayama Nanpu, Real-life Scroll of the Great Earthquake, and His Contemporary Painters Taikan, Gyokudo, Seison, Hoshun
July 19-November 5,2023

This year 2023 marks the centennial of the Great Kanto Earthquake and in recognition our exhibition focuses on The Real-life Scroll of the Great Earthquake by Katayama Nanpu (1887-1980). The earthquake prompted Nanpu to repeatedly visit the densely-populated centers of Ueno and Asakusa from his home in Sugamo, a traditional residential area. He documented both its damages and the subsequent reconstruction in 31 paintings, compiled in three volumes. His realistic depiction conveys the suffering and grief of those affected, as well as their efforts to help one another.

Twelve paintings by Nanpu’s contemporaries will also be on view for the first time. The first part of the exhibition through September 10th features landscapes of Japan by Nanpu’s teacher Yokoyama Taikan, Kawai Gyokudo, Munakata Shiko and Yamada Shingo, while the second part from September 13th highlights artworks of people, plants and animals by Takeuchi Seiho, Kaburaki Kiyokata, Kosugi Hoan, Maeda Seison and Yamaguchi Hoshun.

Real-life Scroll of the Great EarthquakeReal-life Scroll of the Great Earthquake

Katayama Nanpu
Real-life Scroll of the Great Earthquake

© Hisako Katayama 2023 /JAA2300072
Fuji, the Sacred PeakFuji, the Sacred Peak

Yokoyama Taikan
Fuji, the Sacred Peak

Mountain Landscape, Late AutumnMountain Landscape, Late Autumn

Kawai Gyokudo
Mountain Landscape, Late Autumn

ca. 1928
Lingering Cold in SpringLingering Cold in Spring

Yamaguchi Hoshun
Lingering Cold in Spring

ca. 1942-1944
© (公財)JR東海生涯学習財団

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