Permanent Exhibition

Selected artworks

The Museum offers two permanent exhibitions: “Buddhist Art of Gandhara” and “The World of Reflection.” “Buddhist Art of Gandhara” features illustrated biographies of the Buddha Śākyamuni sculpted in the second and third centuries, covering his previous lives and important milestones in his life including birth, renunciation, teaching, and nirvana. “The World of Reflection,” the main part of our gallery, is a spatial representation of a temple hall. Seated Mahāvairocana at the center, Seated Acalanātha and the Mandala of the Two Realms create a space for quiet reflection and inspiration for visitors.

Seated MahavairocanaSeated Mahavairocana

(Dainichi Nyorai)

12th century
Mahāvairocana of the Diamond Realm attributed as the work of Unkei designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan in 2009
Seated AcalanāthaSeated Acalanātha

(Fudo Myo-o)

12th century
Formerly the principal image of Fumon-in, a sub-temple of Daigoji in Kyoto
Seated Buddha in Dharmacakra MudraSeated Buddha in Dharmacakra Mudra

Seated Buddha in
Dharmacakra Mudra

Ca. 3rd century
Seated cross-legged on a lotus pedestal, the Buddha has both hands raised in front of his chest in the preaching (dharmacakra) mudra.
The Matrix Realm MandalaThe Matrix Realm Mandala

The Diamond
Realm Mandala

1706 (Hoei 3)
The Diamond Realm Mandala divides the course leading to the attainment of supreme truth into nine stages and displays a total of 1,461 divinities with Mahāvairocana in the center. The Matrix (Womb) Realm Mandala is also on display.

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