Copyright and Site Policy


  • Copyright of any content (artistic images, photographs, text, video, audio, computer code, and the like) available through this site resides with Shinnyo-en or the original creator. Unauthorized replication, transfer, or other use beyond acceptable private use (*see qualifications), or that explicitly recognized by applicable law is strictly forbidden.
The following activities are outside the range of acceptable private use.
  • Communication of information by a personal website, blog, or SNS.
  • Use in media such as printed New Year’s cards or bulletins.
  • Exceeding the range of acceptable private use by downloading and accumulating files, distributing contents as printed matter, or sending content by postal or electronic mail.

Linking policy

  • As a general principle, it is acceptable to link to this site, and there is no requirement to report such links.
  • The user must clearly cite “Hanzomon Museum” as the link destination.
  • Linking directly to images is strongly discouraged.
  • Depending on the content and linking method of a linked site (defined as a third-party website linked to the Hanzomon Museum site), the external link may be broken.
  • External linked sites are not managed by the Museum and the Museum assumes no responsibility for damages arising from their use.

Recommended user environment

The following environment is recommended for optimizing the services available on the Museum website.
Omitting any part of this environment may result in less-than-optimal use of the website.

Monitor resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels or better
Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or higher, the latest version of Firefox, the latest version of Safari, or the latest version of Chrome
Javascript: ON
Note that the recommendations about the best operating system, browser, and other parameters may change without notice.

  • Every effort is being made to assure reliability in the administration and management of this website, but no guarantees are made regarding the timeliness, accuracy, usefulness, or safety (e.g. virus-free condition) of the data hosted on this website.
  • The museum assumes no responsibility for damages arising from the use of this site, or from an inability to use this site.
  • The Museum assumes no responsibility for any damages that arise from modifications, deletions, interruption or cessation of public access to any of the information hosted on the website.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the court of exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes pertaining to the use of this website is the Tokyo District Court.

Privacy policy

Recognizing that personal information is an extremely important element of privacy, the Museum is committed to its protection by implementing the following policy.

Definition: Personal information refers to information about an individual, including the person’s name, date of birth, and other facts, as well as any numbers, symbols, or other codes that identify the individual, and image or audio data that can identify the individual. It further includes any information that can identify the individual by being easily referenced with other information, even if it cannot be used by itself for identification purposes.

  • Upon receiving your consent, the Museum may collect and register your personal information.
  • Personal information that has been collected will not be used by the Museum for any purpose that has not been previously explained to you.
  • Information that you have provided, and which comes under the definition of personal information given above, will not be disclosed to a third party, with the following exceptions.
  • When your consent has been obtained
  • When a request for disclosure from a public agency, based on applicable law and the like, has been received
  • A safety policy, including continuous training and procedures of implementing staff members, is in being implement to rigorously protect personal information
  • The museum assumes no responsibility for protection of personal information and similar information at linked sites.

NOTE: These terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice.

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