About the Museum

What precautionary measures have been implemented to prevent the COVID-19 infection?
For the Museum’s precautionary measures, please refer to this page.
Where is the Hanzomon Museum? Please tell us how to get there.
The Museum is located at Ichiban-cho in Chiyoda-ku of Tokyo. The closest station would be the Hanzomon Station of the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line. The No.4 Exit is the most convenience and, once you are on ground level, the Museum will be immediately to your left. For details, please take a look at “How to Get Here.”
What are the opening hours of the Museum?
Please refer to "Information" for updates on the opening hours.
What days is the Museum closed?
The Museum is closed on every Monday and Tuesday, as well as during the year-end and New Year holidays. Even if Monday and Tuesday fall on a national holiday or a compensating holiday, it will still be closed. Furthermore, there will be other times that the Museum will be closed (which will be announced on the Museum website).
What is the admission fee?
Admission is free.
Are there changes made to the exhibitions?
Exhibitions will be changed several times a year.

Using the Museum

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible? Can I borrow a wheelchair?
The Museum is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are also available free of charge at the 1st floor reception.
Does the Museum allow strollers? Can I borrow a stroller?
Strollers are naturally allowed in the Museum, but not available for loan.
Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed in the Museum. However, guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing assistance dogs are allowed.
Is photography allowed?
Photography, video recording, audio recording and sketching are not allowed.
Is there a cloak room?
Lockers are available on the first floor, which are free of charge. For oversized items that do not fit into the lockers, please leave them at the first floor reception.


Is there a restaurant/café, or a place where food and beverages are allowed?
There is a lounge on the second floor, which is temporarily closed as part of our precautionary measures against infection.
Is there a nursing room or a baby changing room?
The Museum offers a private space for nursing and baby changing. Please approach a staff member for availability.
Does the museum have multipurpose toilets?
There are multipurpose toilets on the second and third floor. The second floor also has an ostomy toilet.
Is there parking for cars and bicycles?
The Museum does not have parking facilities, so please make plans accordingly.
Is there a smoking section?
No, the entire Museum is a smoke-free zone.

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